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Miranda is half Basque and half British. She has worked as a copywriter and journalist for years, and has written extensively about travel, finance and theatre. She has also written on subjects including food, cleaning products, eco new builds, whiskey, supply chain auditing and divorce.

Simultaneously she trained and worked as an actress, was a video producer for an award winning travel portal (guides to Edinburgh Festival, Jordan and London) worked on dance and theatre productions in small West End theatres, and co-wrote, produced and directed an Edinburgh Fringe show. Her first novel, Collecting, was published to critical praise by Crux in 2014.


Melanie Finn ‘I loved it .... the emotional acuity of a much more experienced writer and an ear for dialogue that never jars’.  Fi Glover - Chair of the 2009 Orange Prize for Fiction.

"I really enjoyed this book. Artist/pensioner Walter's quirky, beautifully drawn character is most endearing. And the agonizing dilemma he faces with his troubled daughter-in-law had me turning the page to find out how this well-written and very human novel ends." - Hilary Boyd, author of The Sunday Times best-seller, Thursdays in the Park.

Walter Smithers, 69, is a retired engineer and widower. He collects tiny morsels from London’s pavements, parks and gutters and exhibits them at home. Finds include a grape pip, a ball bearing and the wing of a flying ant.

When his irritating son, troubled daughter-in-law and much loved baby granddaughter come to stay, a sequence of events lead to Walter being thrust into the East End art scene. His son thinks he’s out of control, but his daughter-in-law has found a kindred spirit and Walter discovers more joy and pain than he ever thought possible at his age...

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Collecting, Crux, 2014.