The Viney Agency


Mark Griffiths When she was eight, Fleur wrote a story about an alien and a jelly. It was called The Alien and the Jelly. She grew up a little, studied English, and, for twenty years, sold Applied Art in the city of Bath. All that time she wrote hundreds of press releases and a few stories, but in the end motherhood won and she retreated from the Art world, only writing when the children were asleep. When her younger child was seven, she embarked on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa, and after graduating with a distinction, signed up with The Viney Agency. 

Between parenting and writing, Fleur works with her husband, a Toymaker, looks after other people’s gardens, and grows vegetables.

Fleur’s children’s books have been shortlisted, selected for or won several honours and awards inluding:  The Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week and The Times Children's Book of the Week, the Branford Boase Award, the Leeds Book Prize, the Fab Children's Book Prize, the IBW Prize, Crimefest, the Berkshire Book Award and the Oxfordshire Book Award.


When Viv has a fight with Noah, she doesn’t think it’ll be the last time she sees him.  But when she gets back from school, he’s nowhere to be found and there are police cars everywhere.

Viv is sure Noah’s run away to get attention.  But it’s really cold, and getting dark, and the rain just won’t stop falling.  So she sets off to look for him, furious at his selfishness, as the floodwaters rise.  And then she finds him, and realises that a much more dangerous story is unfolding around them...

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Murder at Twilight, Nosy Crow 2018; Murder in Midwinter, Nosy Crow, 2016; Bus Stop Baby, Hot Key Books, 2016; Ghosts on Board, Hot Key Books, 2015; Saving Sophia, Nosy Crow, 2014; The Yoghurt Plot, Hot Key Books, 2014; Shrunk: Mayhem and Meteorites, Hot Key Books 2014; Trouble with Mummies, Hot Key Books, 2013; Dear Scarlett, Nosy Crow (UK), 2013; Shrunk! Hot Key Books (UK), CBJ Random House (Germany), Brinque Books (Brazil), Ten Points Publishing (Taiwan), 2012.