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David AmbroseLorraine Gregory is co-founder of #ukmgchat, which enables writers, agents, editors and publishers of fiction for 8-12 year olds to share their experience and expertise. 

Lorraine has always compulsively read, written and dreamt of being a published author, but the idea for Mold and the Poison Plot came to her suddenly. She had just threatened to throw her son in the bin and the voice and character of Mold were born.  After mentoring at the Golden Egg Academy, signing with this agency and keen interest from three publishers, Lorraine accepted a contract from Oxford University Press for publication of Mold and the Poison Plot in early 2017.

Lorraine lives in Essex. 


"I love this book" Amanda Craig, New Statesman

“filled with fantasy, character, humour and adventure” Peter Bunzl, author of Cogheart

“A wonderfully pongy adventure” Abi Elphinstone, author of The Dream Snatcher

“A rollicking fantasy debut with great heart” The Bookseller

He's got a BIG heart and a NOSE to match!

'I ain't no hero, but ye won't meet no one better for sniffin out danger…'

When Mold's mum dumped him in the dustbin as a baby, even the binmen didn't want him!  Luckily old Aggy found him and took him under her wing.  But now Mold's life has been turned upside down because the toffs from the palace have arrested Aggy, accusing her of poisoning the king!-It's Mold's turn to come to the rescue…

In a world of enemies and monsters, how can one small boy, with one enormous nose, ever expect to succeed?  What Mold needs is a friend.  Luckily, he finds one in the most unlikely - and smelly - of places…

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Mold and the Poison Plot, OUP, 2017.