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Mark GriffithsMark Griffiths writes comedy and drama for radio, TV and stage.  His first ever commission was for Radio 4’s Week Ending programme at the age of seventeen, closely followed by a stint writing material for Smith & Jones for BBC 1 aged eighteen.  His writer/contributor credits include TV Go Home (E4 and tie-in book), Comedy Nation (BBC2), The News Huddlines (BBC Radio 2) and co-creating the sitcom The Basement (BBC Radio Wales).  He has written several original plays, including Leona Cash (BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play 2008); The Impossibility Club and The Lullaby Witch (both for 24/7 Theatre Festival, Manchester). 

His interests include dinosaurs, tea-drinking and staring up at the sky through the branches of a tree.

Mark's debut children's book Space Lizards Stole my Brain was published by Simon & Schuster after a hotly-contested auction.  S&S has gone on to publish other children's titles by Mark including his Geek Inc series, which was shortlisted for the Shrewsbury Children's Award 2014. Mark's first picture book, with illustrator Maxine Lee-Mackie, is called The Burp That Saved The World.


Technoslime Terror

Aliens have invaded and they want your toys!  what or what can stop this fiendish band? Surely not the Mustard Twins? A pair of twerps that burp?

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