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Mark Powers has been making up ridiculous stories since primary school and is slightly shocked to find that people now pay him to do it. As a child he always daydreamed that his teddy bear went off on top secret missions when he was at school, so a team of toys recruited as spies seemed a great idea for a story. He grew up in north Wales and now lives in Manchester. His favourite animals are the binturong, the aye-aye and the dodo. 

Mark's debut series SPY TOYS, published by Bloomsbury in 2017 and 2018, won the Lancashire SLS Fantastic Book Award and was shortlisted for the Hull Children’s Book Award.


Spy Toys
Toy Story meets James Bond in the third book in this incredible action-packed series!

Can Dan the teddy bear who is too strong, Arabella the rag doll with the bad temper and Flax the tech genius robot rabbit save the day once more?

When the world's most famous chocolate factory disappears, it is up to the Spy Toys to find out the truth - and fast! If the chocolate runs out, there could be riots from children everywhere.The Spy Toys are sent undercover into a school where they need to disguise themselves as regular pupils. Could this be
their toughest challenge yet? They'll need all their wits about them to defeat this baddie. And one thing is for sure: these kids don't play nice!

Featuring hilarious illustrations from Tim Wesson throughout.

“Action and humour aplenty” -The Bookseller

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Spy Toys: Undercover!, Bloomsbury, 2017; Spy Toys: Out of Control!, Bloomsbury, 2017. Spy Toys: Playtime is Over!; Bloomsbury, 2017. All illustrated by Tim Wesson.