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Sarah Boseley is the health editor of the Guardian newspaper, writing about health and medical issues with both a UK and a global perspective. She also created and writes her own global health blog for the Guardian and is active in Twitter, where she has over 10,000 followers. She has won ten awards for her work, including the One World Media award (twice), the BMJ Group journalism award and the Lorenzo Natali prize from the European Commission. She studied English at Oxford University and fell in love with journalism after editing Isis, the student magazine. After training on the prestigious Mirror Group Scheme and some time freelancing in London, she was taken on by the Guardian, where she worked as a general reporter, education correspondent and a writer on the Europe section before specialising in health in 1998. She has two daughters and lives in London.

Her first book, The Shape We’re In: How Junk Food and Diets Are Shortening Our Lives is published by Guardian Faber Books in summer 2014.


"Boseley voices a cool, rational anger at the forces that swell the nation's waistband" The Observer

"Grim reading" Jeanette Winterson

In this startling new polemic, Sarah Boseley, the Guardian's award-winning health editor, argues that it is time to face up to the real causes of the obesity epidemic.

For too long now, governments, the big food giants, the diet industry and the comfortable middle-classes have held onto the lie that overweight is solely an issue of personal choice.

Sarah Boseley believes they have it all wrong and that we are sleepwalking into a global epidemic of catastrophic proportions.

She blames our obesogenic society; and the greed and irresponsibility of the major players in the food industry, who are in bed with governments - all governments. Most surprisingly of all, Boseley blames the big fat lies pedalled by the lucrative diet industry, who far from being the solution, as they claim to be, are a continuing cause of the problem. The Shape We're In is a wake up call to us all.

Boseley argues that it is time to fundamentally change the way we live: from what we tell and feed our children, to the way we design our towns and cities.

 BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Shape We're In, Guardian Faber Books, 2014.